Products Name
Instant hand sanitizer(1L)
【Product Description】
This product is an main active ingredient isopropyl alcohol disinfectant, isopropyl alcohol content of 70% -80% (v), it can kill intestinal bacteria, pyogenic bacteria, pathogenic yeasts and common hospital infection bacteria.
Apply to the hospital before surgery arm skin disinfection and other occasions during the medical hand hygiene disinfection, also apply to military, banks, hotels, restaurants, home and travel.
1、Arm disinfection before surgery: first by scrubbing arms program, and use 3-5 ml of liquid applied to the Arm, the role of 1 minute.
2、Hand disinfection: applied the liquid 3 ml,and then scrub gently, disinfect 1 minute.
1、This product is for external use olny, not oral.
2、Allergies Prohibit use .
3、This product can irritate mucous membranes, such as accidentally splashed into eyes,flush immediately with plenty of water or to hospitals.
4、This product is volatile, should be stored in airtight and dark, cool place.
5、The product is flammable, keep away from fire.
【Approval Number】
【Implementation of standards】
Q/FZGG 011-2008
【Health License】
【Valid period】
24 months
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